♦Part 1♦ Worst Relationship Mistakes ❃Bishop T D Jakes❃

♥Marriage Sermons from Bishop T.D Jakes♥


  1. Trust God and Trust each other so the Husband and the wife relationship become completely heavenly.

  2. how can I download this videos out of u tube page please help I only see them online and off line but can’t have them in my phone

  3. If your partner is not reading the word of God, it will affect your relationship. Be careful what you pray for because God will put you with someone that you are yoked with, but you can be focus on another person and he or she want be the one. If that person will not WORSHIP with you outside of church, they may not be the right mate for you. Genesis 2:18

  4. I believe it’s never too late for one to corrects mistakes. if you missed it, you can always bounce right back on track.

  5. Can anyone tell me what sermon he had describing a partner as having only 90% of what you want or something like that? A friend told me about it but she couldn’t get more specific.

  6. That is why I would rather go slow instead of speeding it up. Preachers have it made nowadays. but for a regular person like me, it’s tough because they are worthless

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