3 Secret Things Women Do That They Don’t Want Men To Know About

Have you ever wondered what exactly your girlfriend does when you’re not around? Or why she always shuts her computer when you walk by? Here is the truth about the secret things women do in private from dreaming of their perfect wedding day to looking up their boyfriends ex girlfriends.

Hi, guys, it’s Liz, and this is WeLoveDates. So, today I thought it would be kind of fun to talk about some things that girls do that they don’t want guys to know that they do. Is that confusing? You know, things that girls do on the down low that they might be a little embarrassed if you know. But I’m blowing their cover today. Sorry, ladies.

Okay, the first thing is that women are obsessed with weddings, like we want to have one. There’s something about the whole princess for a day, center of attention, wear a pretty dress thing, that is really appealing to a lot of women, myself included. But that does not mean that we want to get married. So, if your girlfriend has a Pinterest board dedicated to, you know, whatever she’d like her dream wedding to look like, it doesn’t mean she wants to marry you. It just means she wants to dress up one day.

Number two is a lot of women have checked out their boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend online. Maybe they’ve looked up her Facebook page, or her Twitter, or read her blog. It’s not like a psycho stalker thing, it’s serious, innocent curiosity. We like you so much, right? We want to see who you liked before us. And maybe a little bit of comparison happens, but nothing major. And it should be a one-time thing. If your girlfriend is repeatedly looking at your ex’s Facebook page, it’s kind of a weird problem.

Number three is we take a long time to get ready, like when you pick us up for a date, that is not how we look in the morning. Like if you’re some crazy, super model or whatever, that’s how you roll out of bed looking like a goddess, but for most women it takes a little bit of work. And by “a little”, I mean “a lot”. There’s a lot that goes into being date-ready: hair, and makeup, and lotions, and all kinds of crazy stuff that guys don’t have to deal with. So when you see your girlfriend and she’s particularly lovely, you should probably say something. Compliment her. Anyway, those are three little secrets. I’m sorry that I crossed over to the dark side, ladies, but sharing is caring. So I hope you’re having a great weekend, and talk to you soon. Bye.


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