4 Steps to The Perfect Online Dating Message

Internet dating messages can either land you a night with your latest online crush, or they can horribly crash and burn. So what’s the secret to the perfect online dating message? Here’s the scoop thanks to data compiled from online dating site OkCupid.

What’s your trick to sending online dating messages? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. if she likes you.. I’ve learned the hard way … she will respond to a simple “hey” .. If she doesn’t like you, you could write ANYTHING and all you’re going to get is a “read”

  2. Honestly, messaging girls on sites like OKCupid can be a pain. It always says “Message me if (blank)” and I do that. I never say I want to do sexual activities. And most of the time when I don’t listen to message them, it’s because I love their favorites and mentioned how cool it is. Is there something wrong with me? Then it turns out, there’s nothing wrong the girls are just shallow.

  3. What I do is I always ask her a quick question regarding her profile without mentioning her pictures, I have a decent reply rate that way

  4. Hey i gave my friend a pick up line,he is now using it again and again,with positive results,try it ,and let me know 😛
    “Hey,you look cute,just a compliment,don’t take it otherwise “

  5. Bitches on those things have extremely high standards with them looking like horse shit and being obese. The first message doesn’t matter, its how you look. Pointless shit

  6. That was useless – there was nothing in there that gave a clue about how to get laid. What should I write in order to get casual sex with hot girls?

  7. If you look like leonardo dicaprio, you can say “fuck you biatch” and still get a reply…its all about looks on online dating sites…that will NEVER change.

  8. Dating online is bullshit .  100 % !
    In real life you can have a great time with a girl no matter how you look , all you need is confidence .
    On online dating . girls and guys only looks for how the person looks .
    I guess , the first message have something to say . but .. not its not that big of a deal 
     Be cleaver & be Yourself!  and dont use cheeky picklines everyone has been using .

  9. These bitches are shallow as fuck.  It’s all about how you look and if you make a halfway decent effort to avoid typical behavior like shirtless pics, you may have a halfway decent chance. 

    Girls can write a lame as fuck profile and get inundated with messages, complain about the quality of their conversations, and not do a damn thing to change it.

    There is no substitute for real life.  If I have learned anything by trying to use online dating as a way to mask my social anxiety, is there is a reason why people are online dating when there’s 7 billion people in the world, it’s lack of self confidence or looking for an ego boost.  Easy way to get paid off others misfortunes.

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