42% of so called succesful Black Women are single!

Once again the Zionist News Media have managed to use the Euro minded Sisters who are easily persuaded and influenced by the lopsided rules of Western Society to point the finger at Black Males who are incarcerated, jobless, homeless, and facing every other major dilemma, and obstacle that Amerikkka continues to force upon our People. These Sisters will never realize that they are nothing more than degree holding “Mammies” in a System of Global White Supremacy. They will never aim any part of the blame towards Racism. It’s also very funny to me that Whites know our People love to seek validation through the mouths of Celebrities. Rather than doing firm research on our own or at the least deciding to take the word of an accredited Counselor or two our folks are continue to brainwash themselves by listening to Entertainers for advice. Steve “Super Negro” Harvey was on hand to give the alley-oop pass to these Mammies as they stuffed it down the pike for Team Peckerwood!

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