5 Mistakes Guys Make When Texting A Girl

Check out this askmen video on the 5 mistakes guys make when texting a girl. It’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of information but it’s a great video. For more tips on how to text women & get a woman to do anything you want, go to http://www.winggirldatingtips.com

Marni has been featured on askmen, CNN, men’s health, LA Times, Loveline and tons of other publications. She is the #1 Wing Girl and has been giving dating advice to men for over a decade.

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  2. what make our chat end..? even i was do like what u say and i dont know how, now she never answer my chat and i never do something wrong with her and know i dont know what i should to do

  3. marni .. i do have a problm…i have been talking to a girl for a month or so in Facebook (messenger) … everytime i knock her… to be honest i like tht girl a lot and want her to be mine.. after talking .. i skip 2 to 3 days to watch whether she’s knocking me or not.. bt she doesn’t…

    she usually gives a one. word answer … sometimes she dont reply back..dont knw bt she sont ask any questions to me even . through talk … i likely said tht i like her.. and have genuine feeling for her… she replied… she’s gonna answer my proposal later…

    later i KNOCKED … she doesn’t … now from the day i proposed till now its been two weeks. and she doesnt knock me.. i knocked every after 3 days..
    look um hoping for an answer here.. i need ur help… thanq 🙂

  4. Dear guys
    Dont ask the girl to send you her pic and shit.
    Let her get comfortable with you first. Make sure she knows that she is special.
    Just dont get creepy or clingy.

  5. In my experience, women want the following 5 things: 1. $$$ 2. A strong Dick 3. To say to them that they are always right! Stop arguing, women are always right!!!! 4. To sex them good 5. More $$$ to satisfy their needs. and a 6th clue as a bonus: nice guys never fuck!

  6. Hey Marni, This is a question I’ve been wanting to ask you for a long time. When I was out on Christmas break, I asked out this gorgeous girl that I had had a crush on for all of last year. She said yes, and we went all over the place, it was great!! Here’s the thing though, is that I had a hard time making her laugh, but it was really easy to make her smile. At the end of the night she just wanted to sit in the car and talk for hours, and that’s my question. Is it a good sign if a girl just wants to tell your everything about herself and just yapp away for hours?

  7. I guy I used to talk to did all these things you said he shouldn’t and I really didn’t like it, so I guess that’s true haha

  8. What’s this nonsense about messaging? Here is a hint that actually works: Take a hammer and send it flying through her window, she will definitely talk to you first.

    That’s how you make an impression 🙂

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