5 Signs He Wants A Serious Relationship

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No need to hire a private investigator with these signals you will discover if he wants a serious relationship or if he just sees you as another girl.

Knowing what a man is looking for in a relationship can be difficult, but not impossible. Just be attentive to the signs indicated and know if that guy wants a serious relationship with you or just sees you as another conquest.

1. He makes you his priority.

His world revolves around you. And with this, I do not mean that he’ll stop breathing without you, but you have become such an important part of his life, that by you just looking at his eyes when he looks at you, you already know. That guy wants it all with you.

2. Plans for the future.

With this, is not only future plans at parties or weddings, but he looks forward to building something else with you. He may not have very clear what he will be doing in five years, but what he really sees, is you taking him by his hand.

3. He is interested in your family and friends.

If he sees you in his future, he will be interested in the people close to you, such as your family and your close friends. He is likely to want to meet them, make a friendship and get along with them because he knows you’ll be together for a long time.

4. He encourages you to grow.

By being together, what you will reap will be for both, which is why he wants to see you triumphing, growing personally and professionally. He will do everything to make you progress and with that, your love relationship.

5. He makes you part of his life.

Both in parties as in many aspects of his life, you are his “plus one”. So you are included in his plans, invitations to events, to interact with his friends, his family, he makes you part of his hobbies and pastimes as well as in the spaces of his home.

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