5 Signs She’s In Love With You: Relationship Advice

Hi Luv Bugs! Ever wonder if that special lady has fallen for you? Maybe she has. Here are 5 signs that may help you determine if your Lover is in Love with you. Hope this helps!

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5 signs she’s in love with you
relationship advice


  1. SHIT, I fucked up… I thought she acted like that because she felt like she owed me but didn’t really wanna be around me. TBH I thought she played me. I’m a Gem, she’s a Virgo, and now I know I fucked up. What do I DO???????????????

  2. There’s this girl I have been friends with for 12 years and I wanna know if she likes me or friend zoned lol

    Last year we hung out everyday before camp, talked, made ourselves vulnerable, she asked me about my relationship status and places I wanted to travel, analyzed my handwriting, she always runs up and gives me hugs wants to sit by me, at church camp she was in line by herself and tested me “it’s awkward standing in line by herself” she wanted to ride in my new car so we ride from chick fill a to camp and she is different around me than other folks

    Last year she painted a pic of us, but couldn’t tell it was us, but I knew it was us, she’s told me things she’s never told anyone before but she calls me bro and I think that’s a defense mechanism to hide her feelings, she compliments my outfit and always fixing my tie, touches my shoulder in a pat, always gives hugs, and has me text get when I get home
    She told me the other day relationships scare her and she’s afraid that people will get bored with her

    she always sits by me and makes it a point to. she once asked about my relationship status and where I wanted to travel.

    we always laugh and have a great time

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