5 Signs That He’s Just Playing With You

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Sometimes the excitement of receiving the call from your crush, a message or if he wants a smile, blinds you completely, you walk through life with a blindfold that has the super power to alter reality and not see that he’s just playing with you.

Typically, your mom knows, your friends know, your best friend knows, at the office they know, even the neighbor’s dog has realized that he’s just playing with your feelings, but in your universe, everybody is wrong except you … Because at that moment it sounds more logical – analyze well that illogical logic.

But we want to share with you 5 Signs screaming everywhere YOU are wrong and that he does not really love you.

1. Unexpected meetings.

It’s Friday night and he calls you to meet him at the usual bar or any plan at 10 in the evening because he knows that your answer will always be yes, trust me, his first option was canceled and you are the plan B .

2. Disappears for days.

You can know his full itinerary one week and the next day he disappears for two days, and without notice, explanation or apology, and he appears and disappears as frequently as changing his underwear.

3. Avoid the ‘we’.

Make memory, when has come out of his mouth the word ‘we’ ?, exactly! So that relationship only exists in your head, for him, it is not even in his dictionary.

4. You do not have an official title.

Surely you have ever gone out with his friends and as he’s obviously super polite – ¬°minimum! – he presents you to them as … “Jane” you’re not my girlfriend “Jane”, “Jane the one I go out with”, you’re just your name, because that’s just what you are, Jane with the one who he goes out now.

5. Does not make future plans.

Sure you tried to make plans for the upcoming holiday, next month or even the weekend, but you have not managed to materialize one of them because he is not the type to plan things. Ah aha!, rather should not think of anything beyond the moment, he never materializes anything because he does not see with you in the long term.

Your relationship is not going beyond what it is now so open your eyes! and go for your Prince Charming, the toad already took you a lot of time.

To learn more about the 5 Signs That He’s Just Playing With You, CLICK HERE:






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