5 Things Men Want In Bed

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When it comes to sex you should not let men tell you what to do or how to behave. But it is good to take into account the things that they like to have a more pleasant experience, to let go and to enjoy and surprise your partner.

1. Take control.

Men are attracted to confident women in every aspect of life and sex is no exception. Sometimes women fall into the rut and tend to neglect this important part of the relationship.

You must encourage yourself to take the reins, let yourself go and do what you feel. Seeing you that you have the initiative will drive him crazy

!2. New positions.

Just as they love to see secure and taking the initiative, they also like it when you are open to new experiences and situations. Even more so if you propose it

!Find a game or position that you would like to practice with your partner. Propose different places and try to be spontaneous. That will help him see your interest and feel more motivated.

3. Visual stimulation.

Visual stimulation is a big help. Men love to see women in underwear. So do not hesitate to choose a sexy and daring lingerie and enjoy making your partner an erotic dance.

You will see how you stimulate him and you will feel incredible doing it.

4. Make it fun.

Sometimes women tend to think too much and instead of enjoying, they make sex to become another task of the day and that is something you should avoid. It’s super important to have a good time and pass that on to your partner.

Men like to have a good time and have fun, so make sure it is a pleasant experience.

5. Be daring.

Women all have their fears and insecurities (men too) but when it comes to enjoying your partner you should leave behind shame and shyness. Dare to feel liberated and dare to vary.

The key is to enjoy and transmit it, to propose new experiences and to avoid that sex becomes a routine. There is nothing that a man wants more than a woman secure, confident and ready to have fun and enjoy.

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