5 Tips to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Last

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They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to be away from your lover…

Hey YouTube, my name is Amy North and I’m a relationship coach from the west coast of Canada. Today I want to talk about something that I get asked often, and that’s how to survive the distance and have a strong, healthy relationship.

Now, I know first hand that long distance relationships aren’t easy, I’ve been there before and I must say, it does take commitment and dedication to keep your spark alive. That said, the tips I’m about to share with you do help keep you and your man close, despite the miles between you.

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Now, let’s jump into my five tips for making your long distance relationship last.

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  1. I have been in a long distance relationship for 6 months. Before meeting up recently for 2 weeks, we used to Skype and voice chat every day and night before starting our days. He used to express his love for me and even had the passion to do activities online with me.

    During my visit to him, the first day was as amazing as we planned. However second day, he dropped the bomb of things going too fast and he may not love me deeply as I did for him. But all went well eventually and we went slowly, our romance came back slowly. After seeing him for two weeks, back to the UK, I can already notice the difference. He isn’t as passionate or eager about calls. I do know he has family problems and he is visiting Spain next week, so I assume he is busy.

    I asked him online today, whether I should move on from him. His response was, “Is that something you can decide easily? I’d suggest we hold each other tight for a bit longer as we find our way back into our lives” I suggested to give him the time he needs for his friends and family. Still it feels there is a change in his attitude :/

  2. I am having a long distance relationship with my boyfriend living in other country for hia studies.. the only concern i have is he drink n smoke too much that i am afraid he will end up having sex with other girls…he doesn’t have time 4 me sometimes we didn’t even talk for days…last time when he went their he cheated on me by talking to girls on tinder, bigo .. i forgive him as he said he did that wen he was drunk..but noe i am afraid hr will do it again.. can anyone help???

  3. I m in a long distance relationship with a guy I met online and now we are planning to meet each other , he’ll be coming to my hometown to meet me and everything is smooth between us but the problem is that I told my mum about this but she told not to go out with a stranger boy , I tried to convince her but she isn’t getting my point that relationships are based on trusts and not doubts . please suggest me something to tell my mum so that she allows me to meet him

  4. Hello, Amy! I love your channel and I want to ask you something: i am in a long distance relationship for almost a year now: he lives in California, I live in Europe. We met when I was in CA, dated for couple months, then I left, we kept dating, I visited him twice and now I want to visit him again. Meanwhile, we try to make everything work, distance is killing us and I actually thought that it would be an awesome idea for me to move to CA for couple month to spend some real time together because although we’ve known each other for a year, we didn’t actually date like normal people. He wants me to move to his place as well, but he was looking for an apartment then he lost one, now he is looking for another one and I’m confused because he can’t tell me when he’s going to be ready for me to come. Time goes and even though I understand that we got to have a place to live, it’s been 4 months since we saw each other and I don’t know what’s the next time. I am ready to give up my friends family here to be with him just for him to tell me when I can come to live with him. How do you think: is it worth to wait for 6-7-8 months for the right time to come and be fully ready for the relationship or time goes, you can’t wait forever, your life is now and we can find a way to move in together somehow if we want to?

  5. Well i must say you’re pytting good effort here. Good job!! i hope that i might get my aswere as well… as i’ve found you very helpful. 🙂
    staying positive in LDR is quite hard…. how to control on getting jealous??

  6. Hi Amy, I just reconnected with my long distance ex after 45 days of no contact. He broke up with me because I was going through a hard time and was negative most of the time. I am fully recovered and happy now. It’s going smoothly and we’ve just been texting back and forth about common interests for 2 days now. I didn’t think he was happy to hear from me, which is great, but what should I do to regain his interest and make him fall in love with me again without being too forward (because that’s how I normally am and what he actually liked about me but now not really the time), also when is the right time to bring up reconciliation?

  7. hey….i hv a long distance relationship since 9months and we didnt meet evn once….i really love him and i want him in my lyf forever and i want yo spice up relationship agn….plzz help me

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