5 Types Of Women Men Adore

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There are some features, beyond the physical that men find attractive in a woman.

There are certain types of women who attract men, many with unique qualities that stand out from the rest and none of these are physical. Because they consider that the most important attribute women must have is personality. For mature men, it is much more important what they have inside the brain than just a pretty face.

1. The woman friend.

If you are the type who can go and have a beer at a bar, enjoy a game of his favorite sport, laugh at senseless jokes and also have the ability to make fun of yourself, you enter the type of what they call “companion “. Men love to spend time with a woman who has somehow “masculine qualities” because they feel more open to act without prejudice. According to a survey by the Men’s Health Magazine, among its readers, 75% of those who participated said that humor is the most important quality found in a woman.

2. Mature woman.

Mature women know what they want in life, no longer play games, have priorities, have a stable work and concrete projects they’re looking to materialize. Her life revolves around what motivates her and acts with maturity. Mature women are full of stories and scars that made them what they are today and that is tremendously attractive to men, they prefer as a partner someone who has grown up mentally.

3. The seductive.

A sensual woman is one who is sure of herself, who has a great personality, a woman who knows how beautiful she is and acts as if there was nobody sexier than her. She is mysterious, intense and with a glance can say many things. Beyond the physical, captivates with her attitude. Men love a woman who has security in herself, this is what characterizes her and makes her stand out from the rest.

4. Professional and intellectual.

They say that the most erotic thing in the world is a good conversation and there is nothing most true. One of the most admired quality in a woman men admire is her intelligence, the ability to learn, discuss with arguments, defend an idea and being able to discuss any topic with basis. They get motivated by a woman they choose as a partner who has an adequate academic training and is also cultivated and wants to continue to grow as a professional.

5. Free-spirited.

Women who have a free soul have a particular charm, are people who live without planning, take risks, travel and love to discover new things. They see the world in a beautiful way, for them everything is magical, nature motivates them and they love spending time alone. They’re wonderful people who were born to live adventures. Men seek inspiration in them and see them as a challenge and because of their nature, they do not know what to expect.

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