6 MUST KNOW DATING TIPS! Kati Morton’s advice for dating ,anxiety relationships & psychology

Many of you ask me about dating. How to find the right person, meet the right person and know if it will work out. Today I hopefully give you some insight into how to successfully date! It can be awkward and uncomfortable at times, but remember, they said yes to going out with your (or asked you out) for a reason! Enjoy this time in your life and have fun while dating. I have talked in the past about how marriage doesn’t have to be something you want, but maybe companionship is, and finding someone you can enjoy your time with can really improve our mood and outlook on life. If you think this could help someone else, please share this video! xox
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  1. Humans are by nature interdependent and the whole point of attachment theory is … attachment so I like the major tenants but living yourself first is a bit misleading. We do rely on others for certain levels of wholeness otherwise we would remain single en masse.

  2. I tried to date and she thought we were just meeting as friends and I later expresed my fealings she said she did not like me that way and she just wanted to be friends

  3. i really need a date for military ball this year to carry on the tradition of battalion commander starting all the dancing with a waltz but im horrible at asking someone. literally last year when I asked someone it was through a note and I still practically ran out of the room and had a panic attack in the restroom. How do i get over the fear of asking someone or at least hide my inner fear?

  4. How hard was dating since you are child free? I also think I’d rather not have kids but most men seem to want them

  5. my tip is dont date its a waste of time but thats just the best advice i can give to somebody until they figure it out for themselves

    it took my friend in college 35 years to figure that out and she ended up being single with 3 children to take care of before she came to that conclusion

  6. thx for this interestingly ha bisky vid i say just make a list of things you want in a guy and make sure they make most of the list so that way you arent getting into a relationship that wont go anywhere

  7. IMO #5 is key for men to avoid wasting time on a vapid or mean or shallow but otherwise beautiful woman. If you LISTEN, I find that you can figure out if she’s TRULY worth your time, or if she just looks good.

  8. I have the only dating tip you’ll ever need.

    Don’t date. If you need sex, there are easier ways. If you need friendship there are easier ways. I don’t get this great wish to combine the two.

  9. Hello, Kati! I was diagnosed with persistent depressive disorder, and my therapist told me that I need to be completely honest and open with her so she can help. However, opening up is hard. When I was first diagnosed, I even cried, and that embarrassed me tremendously. How can I push back the anxiety of opening up and be able to tell her exactly what I am feeling during therapy? Any suggestions? Thanks!

  10. I really liked this video. I’m terrified to go on a date because I’ve had bad experiences meeting new guys. I was raped by one, the other guy I met was all touchy feely moving his hands all over my body…. I ended up having a panic attack. Or guys want to meet me at 10 or later, I don’t feel comfortable going out past 10 with someone I don’t know or just starting to know. How can I get over my fear of meeting new guys and where does one look in order to meet guys. I’ve tried Tinder and the guys don’t respond. I tried meetme and all the guys wanted was sex. I tried plenty of fish (POF) and thats where I met the guy who raped me. So I don’t trust meeting guys from online. HELP

  11. I believe i have anxiety issues and it gets worsts when i have to face people (as in presentations etc),
    I feel uncomfortable in large groups but it depends on my mood.
    I am having trouble figuring out my OWN feelings. i am blank.

    I just realised something, since y parents have been divorced(I was a lil child) until now, I am 21 years old, I do not and CANNOT ‘feel’ much about my parents’s separation, I am blank about it. I do not understand why and maybe this explains why I am blank today… sometimes.

    Also! I have trouble putting my thoughts into words if i have an argument… i get blank again.

    I hope to get a reply Xx

  12. Easier said than done, I don’t meet a lot of people I’d like to date. If I meet somebody I’m atttracted to, they are usually already in a relationship. Plus people my age act like they have one foot in the grave. They see me as childish because I’m obsessed over a “silly” bicycle (I mtn bike 1-2 times a week). Show me people my age & I’ll show you beer guts, diabetes, & hypertension. None of which are words that describe me. Match & eHarmony have wasted my time & money. I’ve emailed 110 women & Ive had Zero dates to show for it (not that I’m bitter). Maybe I give bad email? Maybe I’m just socially awkward AF?

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