6 Things that attract men from a woman

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I should have guessed

!What attract men from a woman? Hard question.

It is difficult to know what men like.

We all have very indefinite tastes.

But in the case of men, all this is different, the answer is more complicated than it seems.

However, here we leave you some traits of what science, psychologists and the female experience think about it.

1. Curves.

According to the psychologist Jose Anicama, the tastes vary by cultures.

While in Europe, most men are attracted to women with a slender figure, Latinos are attracted to a more curvy girl.

In this regard, science says that for men, the taste for wide hips is a primitive and unconscious desire and is an indicator that a woman is able to carry a baby safely.

2. Seductive traits.

Beauty is subjective; however, a study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science showed that women who have simpler faces and no distinctive features (such as a large nose or very voluptuous lips) are those that look more attractive because their faces are more easy to remember.

3. The Happiness Attracts.

Researchers at the US National Institute of Health say that a happy woman causes excitement in men, making them see women more attractive.

Moreover, a smile on their part can generate intense changes in the male gender.

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4. Your security.

Self-confidence must be an indispensable quality in a woman and is one of the aspects that most attract men, according to the psychologist José Anicama.

The reason?

Whoever accepts their defects, virtues and controls their emotions will transmit the same to their partner.

5. Intelligent.

Although some say no, an intelligent woman is always attractive to men, this does not mean that you have to be a “know-it-all”.

It is interesting for them to have a long and pleasant conversation with someone who knows what they are talking about, without the need to be superior or aggressive.

6. Lady in red.

Men are visual beings by definition and, according to several studies, the color that attracts them the most is red, because it is associated with sensuality.
According to research from the University of Rochester, when a woman wears a garment of this color, she is more likely to be asked for a date.

On the other hand, a study from the University of Manchester found that women who wear red lipstick, generate a greater response by the man, who looks at that part of the face almost 7 seconds.

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