6 Things That Attract Men

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There are women who are men magnets, they attract men without even trying. If you are one of them congratulations. If you think you still have the potential to attract more men, I’ll tell you what the polls and the experts say works well.

There have been many studies on what attracts more men and according to many surveys, the following 6 characteristics are those that attract the most a man to a woman.

1. Marked waist.

Actually, it does not have to be thin but marked. There are even studies that say that there is a perfect hip and waist ratio. A marked waist can be accentuated with clothes. And you can even fake it if you don’t have it, the easiest way is using belts and clothing that create the illusion of a thinner waist in relation to the hip.

2. Long healthy hair.

Most men like long hair but healthy, that is shiny and silky.

3. Your Voice.

Or rather your voice tone. Most men prefer female and sharp voices.

4. Smiling and showing good teeth.

The smile is one of the biggest attractions of a woman. If you have good teeth, I mean, even and white, display them proudly. The smile sends the message; I’m happy and fun, I’m nice and do not complicate my life and can make yours happy. The smile also acts as an invitation to men approach you, men fear much rejection and therefore a smile is like an insurance not to be rejected.

The best smile is easy and enjoyable. For the smile to be more effective must be sincere. But even a frigid smile is preferable than not to do it. And a woman who smiles is more attractive than a beautiful woman who does not.

5. Wear red.

The red color always attracts. According to studies, it is the most seductive color. You can use red on your clothes or on your lips. A dress or a red blouse are very attractive.

6. Feel to project.

Feel sensual, sexy and attractive. What one feels it is projected on how one behaves with other people. All women are beautiful and sexy but need to feel it to being able to express it. Repeat in your mind several times a day; “I’m perfect the way I am”.

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