7 Physical Characteristics That Attract Men

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Some say that true beauty is on the inside and we think the same, but we also know that the first impression is what counts, and unfortunately that is given only by sight, so the attraction is always first visual and then emotional.

That is why the site Latinacool.com, took on the task of asking a series of guys, what are the physical characteristics that attract them the most from women and we have listed them from the highest to lowest.

1. Breast-Rear.

At this point there is a tie because there are guys seeking women with prominent breasts and others who love girls with big rears.

2. Long Hair.

Long manes limp or curls are a favorite for guys because it gives a more feminine and sensual touch. Of course, while not very battered or too processed.

3. Abdomen.

Not necessarily a very flat belly as a Victoria’s Secret model, rather they worship a slim abdomen with a marked waist.

4. Wide hips.

The pear body type is incredibly popular among males, although in ancient times was due to representing higher fertility, currently wide hips make women super hot.

5. Thick lips.

Maybe is the Angelina Jolie effect or its newest version Kylie Jenner but thick lips make men mad, but men also assure that they do not feel very attracted to girls who wear dark colored lipstick.

6. Eyes.

The look is a trait that men love, seductive, innocent or melancholy eyes are favorites of the guys, their favorite colors are blue and black.

7. Moles or freckles.

Surprisingly, men like moles in pretty suggestive places such as on the lips or in the neck, and the freckles on the nose and cheeks, and shoulders.

Finally, most of the respondents revealed that their ideal type of woman (physically speaking) would be more or less like Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson as they see in them all the features that are their ideals of beauty.

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