7 Signs He Really Likes You

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Make no mistake! Men often clearly show when they’re really interested in someone. How? Here are these unmistakeable signals …

Do you really attract him? Or just sees you as a friend with certain advantages? To find out, you must be attentive to the signals he sends you. The following are some of them, collected by the site peru.com:

1. He will help you.

A man who likes you will show interest in you and tries to impress you in several ways. One is offering help when you need. Always reserves a little time for you.

2. His friends treat you differently.

In the event that he has told his friends that he is interested in you, you will notice that they will look at you in a special way, much more if he is present there.

3. Shows interest in your interest.

He asks you how you are, what you’re doing, tries to talk about issues that are of your liking or seeks excuses to start talking.

4. He gets uneasy when he sees you.

If he is shy, undoubtedly will manifest this signal. You need to be attentive to the body language to discover it! If every time you go near him or talk to him you notice him nervous, restless, stammers or blushes, it’s because he likes you.

5. Glances and Smiles.

Have you caught him looking at you in more than one occasion? Well, then that man feels very attracted to you. Pay attention to his eyes when you talk to him face to face; a look is worth a thousand words! He will also smile to you whenever he has the chance.

6. Looks to have contact with you.

Body language is a clear indication in issues of attraction. A man who likes you will get physically near you whenever you can, touching your shoulder or arm while talking to you and taking you by the hand if there is a little more confidence between both of you.

7. He approaches you.

When a man speaks to you whenever he can on social networks, sends you messages or calls you continuously, he is interested in your things, we are facing clear signs that he likes you. Also, he’ll try to see you or spend more time with you.

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