7 Signs That He’s the One for You! Follow These Tips If You Want to Know Whether He Is the One

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If you have been in love for some time and are dating the guy you think you like then you would definitely want to know whether he is the one chosen for you. However, you want to be sure as you do not want major disappointment later on in life. If you are skeptical about the guy you are dating, then check if he and you are doing the following things. Read all the points very carefully here…
No preconditions
He loves you for the way you are and does not lay any conditions for his affection. If you are on the plump side he says that he likes his women ‘beefy’ and ‘voluptuous’ and if you are thin he says he loves small petite women. When your guy says this then he likes you and he is definitely your man.
Takes into account the way you feel
For every major decision in his life he keeps you in the loop and also takes your advice. This means that he envisions a future with you and is in love with you.
Give you all the attention
There has never been a time when he has not given you the importance or paid attention to what you say. He listens to your counsel and does implement most things you say. Well, he is surely the one for you.
You mutually trust each other
If your relationship is based on trust and neither of you have betrayed each others trust then you two are definitely going to make a happy couple. Trust is the foundation of all relationships.
He makes you complete
Without him you feel incomplete. When he is by your side you walk taller and there is spring in your step. This is a sign that you two are made for each other.
He is liked by your immediate family
Your family adores this guy and he is always invited by your folks for any occasion or celebrations you have in your home. He also participates with equal gusto and is comfortable around your folks.
He constantly strives to make the relationship work
In spite of your occasional fights and the tantrums you throw at him he constantly works to put the relationship back on track. He also makes sure that when you are having a difficult time he is there to lend you support. If this is not love then what is?

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