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Want to know how to find Mr. Right? Read on…

Most women I know feel that they have a Mr. Right out there who’s meant for them. He’s usually the kind of guy you’d see in movies or fairy tales…

However, you won’t find this perfect guy in real life – but that doesn’t mean you can’t find someone who’ll make you immensely happy.

Before we get into how to find your soulmate, let’s look at some popular misconceptions women have about their perfect guy.

Perfect Guy Reality Check #1: The world doesn’t owe you Mr. Right

Call it fate, call it the universe – heck, call it dumb luck.

Whatever it is, that unseen force doesn’t owe you that special someone.

It may come as a shock to you, but this is coming from someone who BELIEVES in romance. I just don’t believe in the unrealistic kind.

It’s just not healthy to operate on the mindset that the universe is going to ship Mr. Right to your doorstep like you ordered him from Amazon or something.

Of course, wanting a guy who’s right for you is good, but it’s even better to take action, too.

Trust in the fact that things will fall into place AFTER you’ve made the effort. Then your work will pay off in due time.

Perfect Guy Reality Check #2: You are NOT incomplete without him

You should already be fine as you are even BEFORE you get into a relationship. Don’t look for that “missing piece” of yourself in someone else.

A healthy couple shouldn’t have to fill some void in their individual lives. Otherwise, it’s going to be difficult for you – and your Mr. Right-to-be.

Perfect Guy Reality Check # 3: Mr. Right will never be Mr. Perfect

Like I said before, your perfect guy doesn’t exist. And your relationship won’t run on auto-pilot either.

Couples who skip on dealing with the work that goes into a healthy relationship are going to have a hard time down the road.

Eventually, that perfect facade is going to crack

!Underneath a “perfect relationship” is a healthy dynamic built from arguments, power struggles and even end-of-the-relationship fights.

In the end, that “perfect” couple found a way to rise above all of that and make it work through compromise and acceptance.

Now that we’ve cleared up those common myths, it’s time to get into the 7 ways to find that guy who’s perfect for you…

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