8 Struggles That Go Through Your Head on a First Date

Whether it’s a date or you’re just hanging out after school, the first time you chill with your crush can be a mix of exciting, and nerve-wracking. Here are 8 questions that go through every girl’s head during a first date. Tell us your dating stories below!

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  1. My crush asked me “do you want to hang out sometime” and obviously i said sure (:
    And were hanging out on Friday, and we barely talk in real life because we are both shy, but we talk alot on snapchat
    But really i need help because i don’t know what to talk about :/ and its going to be us alone
    please reply!

  2. 9) why am I sweating so much?
    10) am I drooling?
    11) is he staring coz I’m wearing to much makeup and I’m just ugly?
    The above are the 3 questions you forgot. You’re welcome!

  3. does my breath stink? if we go to this place this bad thing might happen but if we go to this oops same something bad? is my hair weird?

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