8 Tips for your guy to miss you

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If you die for wanting to get your boy to miss you, need you and want to be with you all the time, there are many things you can do. Notice

!1. Send romantic messages.

Nothing better than writing something super romantic so he knows what he’s missing out on not being in that moment with you.

Remind him how well you spent it last night, how beautiful his kisses feel, or anything else that makes him want to run into your arms.

2. Hang out with your friends.

When you go out with your girl friends and have fun with them, he stays thinking that you have a good time without his company, so he wants to be close to you at once.

To show him that you can also have fun without him is an infallible way of making him miss you.

3. Tender note.

It would be fantastic if you put a romantic note in his pockets, or inside his lunch so that in the middle of his business day finds your sweet words and miss you.

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4. Promise him a weekend of pure passion.

If work obligations make it difficult to have fun during the week, plan a passionate Saturday and Sunday alone.

You just need to let him know, and he will not stop thinking about the day to see you

!5. Stop calling him.

If you are looking for an effective method for him to miss you, is to stop writing or calling him.

You will see that soon you will hear from him and his desire to have you right now.

6. Send him beautiful photos.

While this is a different way than the previous one to make him miss, believe me, it works.

When I tell you to send him pictures, I do not say sensual pictures, but some that remind him how well he spends it by your side.

It can be a photo of the two together in an afternoon in the sun or giving him a kiss, the one you prefer.

7. Do not Answer Right Away.

I know you’re in love and run every time he writes or calls you, but to make him miss you a little more, take a few minutes to return a text message or let the phone ring quite a bit before answering.

8. Leave something with your perfume at his home.

We all know that men go crazy with the perfume of a woman, take advantage of it!

Leave a scarf or coat in his house or in his car with your impregnated perfume.

Every time he sees it and feels your scent, will automatically think of you and make him want to have you there with him.

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To learn more about 8 Tips for your guy to miss you, CLICK below to download my FREE ebooks:





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