9 Tips for a happy long distance relationship. Long distance relationships and 9 tips to make it work! If you’re in a long distance relationship or even considered it, it can definitely be a challenge. In this video I share 9 tips that will definitely help you to make that long distance relationship not only work, but last. I hope you enjoy my advice style videos, if you do please make sure to give it a like at the end so I know to do more in the near future 🙂 Thanks for watching!

“Why Am I Single?” Advice for singles struggling to meet “the one” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYTXnSSLMl4

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  2. I’ve been in a long distance relationship for four years Already … from 2013… nd I’ve to wait for him for atleast 10 more yrs…

    nd I totally agree to all your suggestions… I’ve been through all these nd I understand how important these points are

  3. This video popped up in my recommended and surprisingly I really needed this. I’M in a LDR. I’M in the US and He’s in Canada. He’s been busy working to jobs to save up money so we can meet each other. Has a lot of personal stuff going on too. And sometimes I get upset and sad and message him cause I miss him. I haven’t talked to him in a few days miss him a lot but been trying to keep myself busy. Even though we don’t get to talk that much cause busy lives lately I get excited when we do talk and when we actually meet I’m gonna be happy and shocked lol. We were talking for about 4 months and dating for almost 5 months and like you said it goes by fast kinda can’t believe it sometimes lol

  4. I am in a LDR right now and he lives in the USA and I am in Canada. We have been datinging for 2 years and he is still not ready to get married and not sure when or if he will be ready. I want to move down there for school for 2 years and to be with him but scared he still won’t be ready after I pick up my whole life to be there. He does one day want to get married and have kids but he needs to see if living together first will help him decided if I am the one. Any advice would be great!

  5. Thank u for this video. I love this. My ldr started on FB. It was 8 months before we met. He surprised me on Christmas day and came home to meet me. (he is from here but relocated to another state way before we met). We are now 7 months in, and I know he is the one. We are planning to be together in the near future. He is like the peanut butter to my jelly. I hear the haters to, but ignore them. We have a strong bond, and most of all I pray a lot. You are right, people in the same town cheat and lie. He is worth the wait.

  6. woow thank u so much this was helpful to hear somone else in the sam situation… im in the States n my man is in Africa its been 3 years now… i hav learnd to b mor trustin n patient…. n yes i do hav many nay sayers… but i hav also learnd its about me n him n that we r the only ones who can ever know wat we truly want from this relationship… cuz in the end its us n it goin to b us makin the decision together… im prayin the we finaly get to meet its jus hard not havin money n no job right now… im lookin fo a miracle.. he doesnt hav a job either n right now hes in school.. so that really been hard… but i lov him wit all my heart n i know he lovs me …. we want to marry but we dont even hav money right now to see each other… but we hav still started n online process to get him here but i need to go meet him first bfo it wud go through.. its been tough but if lov can survive i believe u r soooo right that it is the best relationship anyone cud ever have cuz it teaches u alot about urself n teaches u a lot of lif lessons… i lov ur story thank u so much fo sharin… God bless u

  7. My Mother wont and cant understand it…..She ended up getting mad at me…and even called me that I kind of Look like a Call Girl….Because my Boyfriend pays for my flights to go visit him/eachother!!! I really dont Understand her …..SAD

  8. this was very helpful…i think because of the fact that you have experienced all this n that u survived it and is happy today…that gives me hope. thank u.

  9. I will be in a long distance relationship for at least a year and a half from Canada to the States same as you .. and to be honest I’m terrified !

  10. I really liked your video it gave me more strength then I had before. Almost 2years with my boyfriend of which we’ve been away for almost 1, we have to stay like this for 5 years because we both had amazing studies opportunities but very far away from the other. It’s really hard but I know he’s the one and sometimes I see 5 years like an eternity but I hope it’s like you said! And at least we can see each other in holidays

  11. I needed this! Currently in a long distance relationship. We met online and finally met each other in person this month after a year of constant communication and i can say the relationship is going strong. I’ll be waiting for another 5 months to be with him again but we have already planned to live together next year. Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

  12. This gave me so much hope !! I’m in NYC and my lady is in New Mexico. We’ve known each other for two years, and this May will make our one year anniversary. It’s difficult, but I’d rather a thousand hard days with her, than ten easy days anywhere else. I’m so glad I watched !! Confirmation of sorts 🙂

  13. my boyfriend and I will be in a ldr for at least 6 years because of college, but we’ll be able to meet every two weeks.
    I was insecure about that, but by watching your video I understood and remembered the importance of our relationship and how much we’re worthy! thank you so so much!!!!

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