9 Worst Types of Messages 4 Online Dating

Online dating is a great tool to meet new women. However, many men have no idea what to say to a woman or how to write her. In this video I go through 9 of the most common messaging mistakes.

I then explain how to message a girl in a way that will catch her interest (which can be difficult when a woman if flooded by a ton of daily emails). I then get into how some tips on how to message a girl correctly.

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  1. Love this video! Also the auto-biography messages (all copy and paste and sent to masses) that describe their accomplishments, no questions, nothing personal in reference to your profile. Or trivial questions that are answered already in your description (had they bothered to read it). Or dumber-than-dumb questions that are supposed to be ice breakers (in their mind only), for instance I got messages like “If you could be a color what you be” (these also fall in the copy-and-paste mass messages).
    The past two times I opened an account on plenty of fish I resorted to keeping it hidden the entire time and just reaching out to the few guys that seemed to have some brains, just to avoid the flood of dumb messages. Not only are these messages a waste of time but I found they were sort of making me lose faith in humanity lol

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