#AskJulie: What do I wear on a first date? Help!

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Have questions about dating, breaking up or getting back your sense of self ’n sass before and after a relationship?

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Feeling alone, like no one can help you with an open and honest ear? Or are you just too embarrassed to share your queries, insecurities and hurt with friends or family?

Well, here I am! Think of me as your nearest and dearest friend with whom you can share anything including a libation (dirty martinis are my fave) if that will make you feel a bit better.

Why? Because I have felt your pain, your loneliness and desire as a divorcee, parent and single person in search of a mature and honest relationship. A relationship that will make you smile, glow inside and out, love and respect you for you!

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Ask anonymously, identifying yourself with an initial, fun name or simply a word or words to describe who you are i.e. Lost. Fooled Again! Diehard Romantic, Sexless in My Sixties. I’ll share, via video, ‘real-ationship’ advice and support straight up with a dose of humor and hope to help you get through whatever stage you’re in: dating, breaking up, making up and all else betwixt and between. I invite everyone to share thoughts too!

Together we’re gonna get your sense of self ’n sass back and get you into the right relationship!



Ask me anything! http://www.older-dating.co.uk/ask-julie

PS: As I am only one person, I can’t promise all your questions will be answered but I’ll do my best. Please note that by sharing your questions you give permission to reprint and share them publicly. And lastly, I will respond only to queries that don’t alarm Scotland Yard and the CIA nor wind either of us in jail or witness protection. Please note, by submitting your question to me, you agree for it to be part of marketing materials for all forms of digital and traditional media across the world.

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