ASMR Reading To You 52 Cheap Date Ideas (close mic whispering & tapping)

*****OPEN ME******

Hey Guys,

I came across this deck of cards that have all kinds of interesting ideas for fun and cheap dates. Tell me what are some of your ideas for inexpensive dates. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for watching,


  1. I want to be Winifred. She’s like – and I’m sure she has issues and stuff going on like all of us – but she is the archetypal glamorous, elegant, successful, charismatic woman on these vids. I’m entirely straight. This is a pure admiration thing. I want some statement jewellery with “What Would Winifred Do?” written on.

  2. this was very creative I enjoyed watching this one I liked the way you did this it’s very different and creative

  3. loving this ! one of my fave vids from you was with another set of cards you looked thru and tapped on, and opened up to us about yourself!

  4. You are officially my favorite Asmrtist. Everything is perfect. I haven’t relaxed this good in years. You could open a store at the mall with all that fabulous jewelry and you knock my brain flat with your whisper. Love it and You. #Magnificent

  5. I love you Winifred! this video is so relaxing as well as informative! ^.^ do you think you would ever like to make a roleplay type video?

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