Bailey and Mindy Crash Brooklyn’s 1st Date?

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So Brooklyn and I turned 16 on Dec 31st, and our family threw us a surprise Sweet 16 Birthday Party, and we decided to invite you along as well via this vlog! You’ll get to see our reactions, see many of our friends there, and see the surprise our parents planned by renting us a video game trailer! We had a blast!

So, Brooklyn was asked out on her first date, and our dad has joked for years that he was going to go with us. He never was serious about it, but Mom and I decided that we were! Watch us as we sneak up on Brooklyn and her date, just to embarrass her!

Give this vide a HUGE “👍🏻” if you loved it, and also please be sure to comment below who in your family is most likely to spy on you during your first date!

😘’s -Bailey

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