1. Wow this gentleman have good taste …his proposal were extremely excellent and unique …mhe is a man of good class and decency ..wow

  2. Okay, how many times have I been here to watch this?!!! Look at the evening sky! Dee and Jerry, I have watched you all grow, love and prosper. You love, your commitment and hard work has brought you so far. I will never forget this proposal (so beautiful). I will never forget your wedding, so beautifully orchestrated. I always think about the location and seeing Dee come over the hill to her King, awaiting her. It was all so perfect! Thank you, again, for allowing my family to share in this beautiful day. We were so very honored. THANK YOU, LAVIGNE FAMILY!!!!!

  3. WOW WOW…”I had to do this on my birthday because I was born for you” “I will be the man of your dreams” “You are my queen noone can compare” WOW WOW

  4. I seen alot of proposal,omg black men have the best proposal for their woman,wish have somebody like these men.

  5. I’m sorry that this comment is off from the video but what car are you driving?
    The lights look so cool inside.
    But congrats to you guys.

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