Best Relationship Advice – How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Spouse

By fare the best relationship advice. Want to know how to improve your relationship with your spouse? Here are tips to improving your relationship with your spouse and the best relationship advice ever.

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  1. The Simultaneous Orgasm goes away quickly. has anyone noticed? Woody Allen said that in “everything you need to know about sex but were afraid to ask” “by the way, the simultaneous orgasm doesn’t exist.”

  2. the hardest part I think is that unlike the beginning when you’re infatuated, you then are much of the time on two different pages, which is great for a team because one picks up the ball when the other is down but it’s not so great for a relationship because one is tired when the other one is not, one is excited when the other one is bored. someone has to force themselves- be mature enough; even when you make plans, one won’t want to go but has to anyway by the time the event rolls around…. etc.

  3. such a fine line between whether to say something or not say something whether to let something bother you or not let something bother you this is what makes it so tough when to fight when not to fight pick your battles all that

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