Brand: Mom S103 Paul Carrick Brunson on Love, Dating and Single Moms

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Paul Carrick Brunson, matchmaker, co-host of OWN’s ‘Lovetown’ and author of ‘It’s Complicated: But It Doesn’t Have to Be,’ steals away with ‘Brand: Mom’ host Karen Taylor Bass in the cozy backstage quarters of his book release party in Brooklyn, NY. What did we learn? The imagery of black love, the truth about single moms and dating, and why curvy girls need to embrace the ‘golden mean!’ Do the math, ladies, do the math! (Oh, and by the way, Paul says “ChicRebellion.TV is the future,” totally solidifying our crush on him. Sigh…)


ChicRebellion.TV ( is the first and only Internet TV network for women of color. We create, curate and syndicate original web series and videos that CELEBRATE YOU! We wanted a space for women of color to be able to tell and share their stories, their TRUE stories. You are for more than the “bitches” and brawls of reality TV, you are more diverse than traditional media wants to allow. We got you, we know you, we ARE YOU! Finally, your true reflection in media

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