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BRO OR HO!? Relationship Advice with some Black Ops 3 Gameplay (BLACK OPS 3 HYPE)! Comment your dating/relationship questions or problems below and I or another member of the Wolf Pack will help out! Be respectful to each other. If you enjoyed then hit that Like button in the FACE and subscribe to join the Wolf Pack for free cookies and belly rubs 😀


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  1. im in love withthis celebrity. i just think she is the sweetest girl under the sun and she means so much to me. Obviously i cant have her because, im too poor, fat and ugly. it breaks my heart and ive tried suicide over it. I want to get over her, its been 5 years but i just cant

  2. SSSniperwolf I have asked this girl out three days ago and she seems to like me and I’m 99.99% sure she does what do I do P.S I love your videos and your pretty much my hero 🙂

  3. there is a guy who I like to be my boyfriend and he said no and he is dating someone else that is the only thing g in my way. what do I do?? help sniper Wolf and I want to date him first

  4. (4th time asking) there is this girl and someone told her that I didn’t like her but I already told her I did (and I meant it) and she got upset and started dating another guy and after about 2 days broke up with him. I don’t know how to make my move and when but I do know I can’t get in touch until next school yr

  5. there’s a girl I like but I don’t want to date her because I’m a football player and if we Dante and split up I don’t want that to ruin my football games

  6. there’s this girl in my school I told I liked her but now she really likes me and all my friends are little pussies because they afraid of telling there crush

  7. I like this girl in my class she’s a friend too. we have a lot of things in commen but don’t know if she likes me. please help

  8. There are three girls that are far away from me but I have dated all three but they have all backfired Idk what to do plz help me find out what to do

  9. I have a girlfriend who likes me and I like her but its really awkward to say anything and I rarely see her at school what would I do? BTW like your vids

  10. sssniper wolf me and this girl we known each other for over a year now we both are 16 and she keeps saying she wants me to meet her and it is hard at the moment for me I don’t know what to do anymore stay with her or leave her please help me!

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