Buddha and Love – Lama Ole Nydahl’s book of relationship advice

Lama Ole Nydahl talks about his new book “Buddha and Love: Timeless Wisdom for Modern Relationships”. This book brings together Lama Ole’s decades of of experience teaching Buddhism with his many years of giving relationship advice to his students. As the author puts it: “It’s a practical book. It’s really about living better, loving better, and dying better.”

Already translated into several languages, “Buddha and Love” is helping many people lead more fulfilling lives and relationships. Find out more about the Buddhist approach to love and relationships at http://www.lama-ole-nydahl.org/books-and-media/buddha-and-love/


  1. Yet clearly some do not live by it. They lack meditation, focus, and clarity to live by action. Many speak words, but hold no substance. Others speak words, and live by example. Or was that part missed by some?

  2. I am very happy you found that useful 🙂 It is a wonderful habit to have. To me, I heard that a long time ago along with MANY other nuggets of wisdom in my faith. To me it is just nothing in comparison.

  3. genius? In a 1:21 video about Buddhist views on relationships?

    Ok. Lets look.

    Ask yourself – have you always managed the realtionships in your life the best possible way? I certainly have not. Especially when others do things I don’t like.

    Hes saying that if people had the habit to see each others qualities instead of the habit to see their faults that the world would grow more meaningful by the minute.

    Basically, the way we see people matters.

    I find that profound. And incredibly useful.

  4. lol I agree but that’s pretty obvious… there’s nothing really deep here, nothing thought provoking, challenging, new, genius, etc……

  5. He said that the way we treat people matters. He said that treating people well creates a useful meaningful life. Or you disagree?

  6. There are people who live what they speak about… This book is my number 1 gift idea when i think about friends.

  7. …….what did he just say? …….Nothing. Absolutely no substance in this…. there is more substance and knowledge in any Fulton Sheen video or book than anything this man has ever said. Want to know about real love? Have a listen to any of his videos on youtube – the first one that pops up on youtube when you type in his name (it has a slow start -skip to 4:15) (I’d suggest listening to all 3) (I would have put a link but youtube doesn’t allow that anymore…)

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