CATFISH Online Dating | Top Tips To Look Out For

CATFISH Online Dating, Top Tips To Look Out For

Warning signs

When you start chatting and they profess their love and they want to get
you off the dating site to email or another chatting app, that’s a red flag

When their Facebook profile is not consistent with their dating profile, that
is something to look for, non matching profiles

When they start to trust, months or years, they gain your trust and may
ask for money, do not send money

When you don’t send money their calls become desperate, they start panicking
and maybe demanding

If they said they would meet you and you are not sending money and they get angry
this is bad…romance should be caring and loving not demanding

When chatting with a love interest your emotions lead you..please step back
and really evaluate whats going on with a clear head

If you are going to meet in person, please tell a family member or friends where you will meet in a public place and have your family check in with you throughout the date

If you think you have been scammed….please report it to the website admin immediately

Email Fraud Topic, don’t fall victim

Please be safe out there

A Few Websites With Great Articles For You On Catfishing

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