Cute Couple Geek Out Over Architecture & Climate Change | First Dates Hotel

In the first episode of First Dates Hotel, a couple find a connection by geeking out over climate change, architecture and being eco-friendly.
Watch the full episode on All 4 now:


  1. Wow. This pacific garbage patch thing is really interesting. I wonder if my dad’s hat that blew of into the ocean when I was a toddler is in there. Or some of those rubber ducks…

  2. Why do so many women think getting married and having kids in their 20s is everything? I don’t get it. At 27 you should still be working on yourself and having fun and enjoying life.

  3. Its a shame that nowadays its classed as “Geeking” when two people actually have a normal intellectual conversation about something.

  4. why do you people keep on cutting up the onions here? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyýyyyyyyyyyyýyyyyyyyyyyýyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  5. She wasn’t overly political and he could vote Tory and still say the things he did. I had no cringe problem watching this cute exchange.

  6. Environmentalist doesn’t know about the ocean rubbish islands… architect doesn’t know how to draw… hate to be negative but it gives the impression that they are fakes. Or I could be wrong and it could be their nerves getting the better of them?

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