In today’s vlog #37, we enjoyed our baby free days but its over now womp womp. We did a little shopping, ate a bomb dinner, nothing fancy and we went to the movies yayy! Thank you again for watching and as usual don’t forget to Like, Comment, Share and SUBSCRIBE!! 🙂

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  1. From one looney to another…girl you’re looney 🙂 hey, looney is fun, looney is refreshing, looney is healing…amen!

  2. Girl yassss! that Jodeci get’s me to, you had me dying I be actin just like that when my old school jams come on

  3. I’ve just found yall! I like your energy! I talk out loud to my God in the car, I sing like I’am Whitney, I scream, cuss, ( yep I do that too) and I dance in my seat like you do! Glad to be a newbie! Check out Fumi Fashion & Beauty here on the YT! Her personality is infectious, her Laugh oh Yall, then her feature called sister to sister helps me alot!

  4. I’m loving you guys and Yesss girl you were jamming!! Lol I love the jumpsuit! I really love your personality!!New Subbie here!!!! Courting cuties sent me… I can’t wait to watch more of your videos!! I would love for you to checkout our Family Vlog Channel and we would love you as a subbie!!!

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