Date Night Makeup Routine

Date Night Makeup Routine
I am not a makeup artist, so yes I do things differently but it works for me! And yes, I had stress acne when I filmed this, I am human.
And yes I know some of you found the music in my last makeup video annoying so this one is more subtle šŸ™‚

Love you guys xo


  1. Does anyone think that the background music sound like fapping? I checked all my windows to see if a porn popup opened on my laptop lol

  2. damn the comment section is full of jealous people, if you don’t like her content THEN FUCKING LEAVE BYE nobody is chaining you up here

  3. Why making videos for? Youre not talented nor you do advice on how to apply makeup, read more and expand your oratory skills as people get bored when they hear words repeated often and also often they make no sense, I see no point on doing such sophisticated editing videos when in fact your cannot even hold brushes properly and also stop with the photoshop you use on instagram as we see how “perfect” you truly are.

  4. ur eyebrows are totally f’d up, i wish i could do your makeup for you because the way you do it is simply incorrect, you’re so pretty otherwise

  5. I just noticed she has kinda big ears not a hater i just couldn’t keep it to myself lol love her makeup tho.

  6. The most I like in your channel is the start of the video without a long, boring and boring extension, so keep your channel very beautiful and useful and make up very beautiful, by the way you are attractive different beauty !!

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