Dating Advice: Tips For The Perfect First Date

Got a first date with your crush? I’ll tell you how to act AND what to wear on a first date to make it unforgettable and GUARANTEE that you get a second one!

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👉The Outfit Boys Like Most:
👉What Guys REALLY Want In A GF:
👉How To Tell If He Likes You:
👉Tips For A Tinder Or Online Date:
👉How To Flirt To Get A Boyfriend:

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  1. shallow Lester I’m just wundering on the first date, could be normal if a guy a girl pays it in half a half ways. or what.?

  2. A perfect first date includes the girl and boy passionately making love together. How can I go all the way with a girl on a first date?

  3. My friends always ask me for advice and half the time I end up sending them your videos! You’ve helped us all out so much! I have a friend that is going on a first date with someone tomorrow and she’s nervous, so I sent her this. She says you never fail to help and I agree! Love you Shallon, please keep doing what you’re doing!


  4. I love you so much Shallon! This video (and your other videos) have literally saved my life!! I don’t know what I’d do without you! Keep doing what you’re doing!

    Xoxo, Gabby <3

  5. Hey Shallon I meet a really nice guy, and we went out on a date, then he’s asked me on a second. I am 17, and he is 19. I’m mentally mature, but I’ve had very little dating experience. How do I let him know without making things awkward?

  6. Hi Shallon, LOVE your videos and dating advice. I need some advice myself. I can’t seem to find the right guys. Either they’re too far away or just not my type or out for something that’s not about love like money/being their comfort like a mom instead of a girlfriend. Ugh!! How do I meet men? I know this sounds silly but I don’t know what it’s like to have men approach me or ask me out. How do I get from the rejected pool to the acceptance/wanted pool?
    Thanks for your help in advance. Luv ya!! 🙂

  7. Hey shallon! Me and this guy are going on a date this weekend. But I’m nervous because we’ve only texted. How to not make it awkward since we’ve gotten so close via text?
    Thank you for all your advice 🙂

  8. Perfect first date!
    Only cover most basic topics. Don’t get deep.Keep yourself from projecting too far in the futureDon’t fall in love with the fantasy of this guy.Concert, Music Festival, BowlingPromotes bondingMaybe can show you that they’re good at something; boosts egoNever talk about ex’sCasual clothing kicked up a notchTight shirt and jeans simple flats, simple healsIf you ask q’s and he doesn’t ask them back, he doesn’t like you. Goodbye!Leave date in his handsIf he doesn’t do anything, means he’s not taking an effort to impress you, so it basically won’t go anywhere?

  9. What are examples of first date topics? Like, what is oyur favorite color? Do you have pets? Siblings? Idk I feel like it would be kinda boring w/o other

  10. This channel is truly a goldmine to a 16 year old teenager who’s never dated before. Thank you so much for all these amazing videos!!

  11. hi shallon, some consultant recommends only to spend a maximum time of one hour for the first date, what is your opinion about this?

  12. I happen to be the best bowler ever so if a guy takes me bowling, I’ll probably kill his ego…..also, is it fun playing bowling with only 2 people?

  13. Dear Shallon : Do you think is ok and looks normal to date someone who is shorter than you i mean if i am a girl and the boy i am into is kinda short like next to me is that bad ???

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