Do You Google Stalk Before A Date?

Are we acting like we don’t do that?

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Go Out And Get It
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

SFX provided by Audioblocks. 

Made by BFMP
Philip Prendregast as Edward

Olivia Liang as Poppy


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  1. Some people are getting mad at the guy for being a jerk, but she’s actually acting super creepy. She’s super needy..

  2. I spent ages stalking my crush. Now I know his address, full name, his Instagram account,his sisters Instagram account, his high school, his prom photos, his concert photos, his facebook, his favourite subject, and a few other things. I’m worried about me when I started stalking a potential friend cause I couldn’t find her insta account and wanted to find it.

  3. Tbh, I often google new people I meet… I’ve met so many creeps in the past, I just want to be careful.
    But I don’t think I’d talk to them about it that way 🙂 but oh well, I think everybody googles people nowadays, people are curious. The guy shouldn’t have been so hypocritical – he did it himself!

  4. I totally FB stalk someone before a date. I don’t need Google to tell me EVERYTHING about them. So FB is just the right mix by giving me a bit of their various interests so we have things to talk about 🙂

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