Do You Have Trypophobia (The Fear Of Tiny Holes)?

“I feel like my body’s on fire.”


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Extreme Close-Up Of An Ape Plant, Symmetrical Holes
Robert Sablan/Getty Images
barnacles on rock
MaewChansilpa/Getty Images
Dried lotus pods on a flat panel
jdpaek/Getty Images
Texture white circles in rectangular scarves of gold coating background
aapsky/Getty Images
Outdoor Lotus seed head on dark background
MC Yeung/Getty Images
Lotus seed pod close-up on a green background
plej92/Getty Images
Honeycomb on the branches with nature
hiindy22/Getty Images
Hole of dried lotus seed for medical image test Trypophobia phobia
coffeekai/Getty Images
Plastic chair
David Crespo/Getty Images
Dry Lotus Pods
sunstock/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Bubbles In Black Coffee
Viktoria Rodriguez / EyeEm/Getty Images
Emoji provided free by http://emojione.comRed-Spotted Toad – Arches National Park
artiste9999/Getty Images
Sporty man stretching forearm before gym workout
emiliozv/Getty Images
Yellow textured paper background
MLiberra/Getty Images

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