Does He Love You – 7 Signs To Know!

How does he REALLY feel?

One of the questions women often ask me is how guys TRULY feel for their partner – how to tell if he’s it got it bad for her.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself that some women have a difficult time figuring out what’s really going on inside their man’s head.

So, I’ll start things off by telling you why men aren’t so emotionally articulate as women.

Reason #1: Men aren’t that that attuned to their feelings as women

A lot of guys I know weren’t raised to be open with their emotions. In fact, it’s the opposite – they’re discouraged for the most part to show that side of themselves.

Reason #2: He has a hard time understanding what’s going on inside his heart

This is closely related to the last reason. Men don’t have the luxury of working through their feelings, so it’s hard for them to put a finger on their emotions or put a specific label on them.

So guys require a bit more time to explore this side of himself more than most women do. Just something to keep in mind…

Now, what about the signs that he loves you? Let’s start with…

#1: He’s fully immersed himself in you

It takes a special lady to rock a guy to the core. And when that happens, it sort of knocks something loose within his heart and awakens a dormant part of himself that he didn’t know was there.

So he’ll be a man possessed, suddenly aflame with a torrent of emotions that will often overwhelm him. It’s fairly easy to tell when a guy is in this frenzied state – he’ll have that burning passion to be a big part of your life.

Stick around because we’ve got six more telltale signs you NEED to know to find out if he’s really in love. Just hit that play button to get started

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