Don’t Settle…Get a Man on Your Level (Part 2)

People may often say that it is your responsibility to lower your standards and “date down” or “marry down.” However, if you strove to make something of yourself, it’s only fair that you ask as much of a lifelong mate as you’ve asked of yourself.

In addition to love, moral values, family values, beliefs, etc., there is no shame in also considering whether a potential life partner is as education-oriented and goal-oriented and about as successful as you are. If education and the process of setting, striving for and achieving goals are things you admire about yourself and desire to pass down to your children, there’s no shame if you’d prefer for the man you choose to father them to set that example.

Be cautious of those who put effort into tearing down your standards rather than rising to meet them. Those who call you “gold-digger” for wanting a partner who pulls his own weight in the relationship are probably the gold-diggers themselves, looking for YOU to be their meal ticket.

This is an interracial channel, thus I used only interracial photos as examples. I shouldn’t even have to explain myself – so if you make me do so by feigning confusion, you will be blocked, and the video’s title and content will remain unchanged.

Thanks to my friend Gloryus84 for suggesting the title of the video. 🙂

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