We decided to try out Crate Dates subscription box with a cute couple at home date night! We started a fire in our living room for the best date idea! BE CAREFUL! Although this is a SUPER cute idea, it could turn very disastrous with sheets so close to an open flame. This was not the smartest idea, as we could have very easily lit our house on fire, endangering our lives, as well as our animals! Super dangerous! Fires are no joke. This could easily have happened if the fort had collapsed and caught fire!

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  1. that was a cute date! jess i like how you repeatedly set your marshmallow on fire and then there’s austin barely roasting his

  2. Awesome! We subscribed to something called DateBox for a few months and it had a very similar date in it that we really enjoyed! We will check out CrateDate for sure. Also, “should I get bacon?” never even needs to be asked. ALWAYS BACON!

  3. Cute paintings on the wall, who made them? Maple wants to walk Stella. She wants to grab the leash. Love the light you have on the side of your tent.

  4. I just found your channel – love your vlogs! You’re such a sweet couple. Aren’t disney cruises awesome! Do you have any plans to go on another one?

  5. oh cool jess is on date with older guy great vlog and nice glass2 jess and Austin just giving you a hard time ur awesome

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