First Date: Do’s and Dont’s

Everyone goes on a “first date” at some point in their life. We hope our advice can help you in some way on your next day. Let us know what you think and how YOU prepare for a first date. What is your favorite thing to do and what do you like to wear?


  1. exactly! haha i only moved to orlando…but even though it seems close youd be surprised at how different it is to live there! its totally a different culture especially at a university lol
    and thank youu! 🙂

  2. thank you!!! It is so true, though! I think sometimes it’s human nature to give too much too quickly. It’s good to have your own space and your own time! BESOS

  3. hahaha hiiii!!! I am so happy we are now connected! I’m glad my channel can bring memories of your roots, my darling. It’s funny, we never know we have an accent until we leave Miami hahaha. Where did you venture off to?? Good luck in school! besitos 🙂

  4. i subbed to you because youre the first guru thats from Miamiiii! i love it haha now that i moved away for college i can definetly hear what people call the “miami accent” lol makes me feel at home <3 love your videos!

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