First date! Online dating (Episode 3) ft. Lewis Parker | The Mix

Lewis goes on his first date from online dating and gives us all the juicy details! If you have any questions about online dating leave them in the comments for Lewis to answer in the Q&A!

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  1. I agree with +Dae Slepr and +drosh413 david.  You’ll let us know how the second date goes, I feel sure.  When you get to the Q&A, I’d be interested to know: What kind of guy you’re into; Are you attracted to a particular physical “type,” or a specific personality type?  Regardless, the guy who does find you will be one lucky man.  Best to you!

  2. Everyone puts up a “screen” on the first date. Whether its shyness, arrogance, indifference, restlessness, ect. Its natural to be nervous and it manifests itself in different ways in people. Glad you’re doing a second date. All i can say is that the guy you end up being with will be one lucky person for sure. Ive said it before. You are a wonderful, beautiful human being lewis. I wish you all the best.. <33

  3. Lewis, you are so damn cute. Do you think the arrogance you perceived was a coping mechanism by someone who was trying to impress you? As Nina says, give it at least 2 more chances. Best of luck.

  4. So I went on my first date as part of the online dating series i’m doing with and it was… interesting

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