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The ultimate dating prank! I filmed a first date tinder prank where I turned up in a wedding dress!

How would you react to a tinder first date like this? Would you guess that its a dating prank?

This prank video was all to raise money for Stand up to Cancer #StandUpwithYT

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How would YOU react if someone turned up to a tinder date in a wedding dress? Hope you like this first date tinder prank!

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  1. Big thumbs up lady! awesome video idea, it´s awesome how you handled the whole situation hahaha, hilarious! you also inspired me to make my next episodes!

  2. Joel is my favourite. He was just so casual and cool with it all. Just plainly says so nicely “why are you wearing a wedding dress?” haha. Why did most of them make it difficult and awkward. Just tell it like it is guys.

  3. Alistair Cohen said to check you out and this video is fantastic!! I’m only 2:37 seconds into it and I had to pause it and tell you I’m subscribing NOW!! This video is fantastic!!!!

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