Fun Mini Dates with Mom & Dad

Grab some quality one-on-one time with your kiddos with the Mom & Dad Mini Dates from The Dating Divas:

Get started with a personal date night invitation for your child, then provide them with an adorable Date Night Survey, made just for kids! You’ll learn more about your child’s interests and have fun doing it! Use the Mini Date Night bucket list to help brainstorm just what your child would like to do with you, and let them know making time for them is an ongoing priority with the included Date Night schedule. This printable Mom & Dad Mini Dates pack also includes 5 completely planned-for-you ideas that will help you and your child connect! From “Would You Rather” to “Get To Know You” journals, scavenger hunts at the mall, even ice cream sundaes, you’ll never be at a loss as to how to spend quality time with your most precious little people! Create lasting memories with the Mom & Dad Mini Dates!

Get yours from The Dating Divas today!


  1. This is SO stinkin’ cute! Parent/child bonding is so important and I love how this makes it so easy! So many fun ideas!

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