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Hey my loves! Here is my 3rd girl talk video, regarding relationships! I’ve been with my boyfriend for 7 years & these tips have helped us so much & I hope they can help you as well! Remember that no relationship (including mine!!) is perfect. Don’t forget to comment below what topic you guys want me to discuss next! I love you all so much, thank you for the constant support! HUGSSS

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  1. What do you think of saving your relationship using Troplusfix Dating Secrets? I see many people keep on talking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets.

  2. Hey ladies, my channel helps women by educating men. I always see other men ruin their relationships and it baffles me. Personally, I have been in a happy and committed relationship with my lady (now fiancé) for 10 years. I just started my channel and would love to have your support.

  3. Hi so I recently graduated elementry school and have discovered that I am infact a lesbian. My issue is that I’m in a online relationship with a boy but he is gay. Do you think we will be the exception to the odds? Because I know online relationships are hard thanks.

  4. hey guys I’m a guy and I recently started talking with this girl iv known for while but have just recently started “dating” she has to kids which isn’t the problem for me, she goes to school and has a decent job. I’m not a very trusting person like people have to earn that from me, so anyways she and her ex have separated like 2 years ago but they still maintain a friendship from their kids sake, now I’m not trying to sound like an atention whore or anything but should I be worried about any of that? she’s told me that she likes me and that she wants something out of us talking, this is my first time dating someone with kids and don’t know what to do, I really like her we’ve had great dates I’m a gentlemen and everything. so could someone please give me some advise on this? should I just ride it through or ditch? like it’s hard for me to just trust someone’s words, I really don’t know how to act in this situation.. she’s not a party girl but she goes out like sometimes on the weekend with her girl friends which is fine, I just don’t want her to make a bad decision that could end what we have going so far, like I said it’s hard for me to trust but sometimes I can’t help but to think of the what if.. like some of the smallest things get my mind all cloggy and cluttered I often find myself always starting the conversations idk maybe I’m just over reacting…but maybe I’m not.. someone help and tell me I’m thinking too much!

  5. What are the limits as far as issues that you would forgive and forget? Say you found a chat going on between him and another woman and he is saying things like, “unfortunately my wife is here today, otherwise I would BE talking to you.”. In my experience, once I ran across that text – which was not because of snooping – after seeing that, I was so hurt. In my heart of hearts, I know they were chatting for a good while. Around a year. Others have said that they were talking about hooking up, but never did. He refuses to end our relationship and said that when I saw things he wrote, it was not meant for me and so therefore I was hurting myself because I looked. He put me down to a friend and justified it as guy talk. So, I would get through one incident and try not to bring it back up, but then I’m slammed in the face with another incident. It never really seems to stop. Within the last few months he told another woman, “I bet you want to ride this white snake, dontcha.”  And it was supposed to be just a joke. Its always just a joke, I need to get a sense of humor or it wasn’t meant for me. Those are his go-to phrases to get me to lay off. I’m quickly reaching a point of not giving a damn anymore. Those issues are bottled up so deep that its hard to be intimate with him. I’m just not feeling it.

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  7. I need help. my bf stopped answering and texting me on snap for the past few months and it says he’s not added me as a friend and I’m really worried and scared something is going to ruin our realtionship. have any advice???

  8. okay well I have this problem with my boyfriends step dad and he wants to break us apart and my boyfriend don’t like it,, I don’t what to do.

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  10. hello.Idk if you’ll read this or not but anyway, I had a fight with my bf bc of my negative mind, he once tried breaking up with me because I was too clingy and he liked another girl, but now he said he changed but still im sti traumatized about what happened, idk what to do, I know I should trust him but my negative mind is so annoying.idk what to do..

  11. Trust is very important…. but i dnt have patients unfortunetly relationships dnt wrk for me tried many times. Better off focusing on my son and daughter

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