Give Fear The Finger & Find True Love!

As women, we often struggle with fears, insecurities and mind myths that hold us back from being who we are and having what we want … especially when it comes to men and relationships.
We want to please. We want to be liked. So we end up over giving, over working and making ourselves crazy in the process!
This doesn’t serve us in love or life.
In today’s very special video, listen in as I talk with Anthony Meindl, author, filmmaker and owner of AMAW, the hottest and fastest growing acting studio in Hollywood, on how you can quieten your inner critic, shift your negative beliefs and have an amazing love life
!And you’ll learn an incredibly fun, fail-proof exercise to help you get unstuck in every area. This is a BIG first for me! I’ve accepted a challenge and would love you to join me in it
!Knowledge without action is useless. In the comments section below, tell me TWO actionable “ah ha’s” you’re taking away from this interview.
Thanks for reading and watching
!Love, Cherry

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