You guys took to Twitter and overwhelming voted for me to talk about Godly dating advice and tips about relationships for young couples, break ups and relationship goals and expectations. It’s freezing in Alabama right now so I did this vlog from my car instead of outside.
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The raw uncut video of this was 30+ minutes so I trimmed it as much as I could! SORRY IT WAS SO LONG! I tried my best not to rant but this is a topic I could talk forever about so I may make a part 2 in the future.


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  6. So Cool seeing this now after seeing you and Sav’s love for each other and love for God. Certainly look up to you as a Christian brother! -H

  7. i dont know why more people like this guy dont exist. Every teen in my age is so just wanting a girl for sex. I am not saying that is that us their only intention but i will say that they are perveted i think from the start. I am dating this girl right now and we both have boundaries in place and acknoledge them. This is something that i dont ever see in other relationships around me. it is very sad to see young people fall into sin and struggle to get out

  8. What is Troplusfix Dating Secrets? Does it work? I hear a lot of people change the way their man treats their with this popular relation guide.

  9. I like what you said about believing there are many good choices for you to marry but when it’s the right one you can’t imagine not marrying that person or spending life without them. I found my Boaz in Dec of 2015 and we have been married since June of last year and it all happened because of Jesus.

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