Her boobs fell out when she sneeze! – First Date

Long story short: 2:05
The story of two peoples named Alex and Stacey, who are on their hilarious first blind date.

Stacey seals her physical imperfections with loads of make up and fake breasts. As soon as the truth of her imperfections starts to unravel throughout the date, she is embarrassed and decides to call it off. However, Alex stops her from leaving and shows her, his imperfection. Finally, they accept each other’s physical flaws and leaves the cafe together.

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“First Date” is an awesome final year project (animation) that created by Ribbon Studio, a group of 4 students from Multimedia University (MMU).

Pete Thomas – Slow River
Myuu – Disintegrating

For educational purpose only.
All rights reserved EXCEPT great artist’s soundtracks we used for background music.


  1. I swear to fucking god I know it’s so supposed to be sweet but their walking cycle and the voice acting and the fucking REACTIONS.

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