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  1. All this stuff never works, looks in the face go a long way girls are picky, dating is always seperated into parties

  2. Im quite sure that the only thing that matters in what you say and how you approach a woman is whether she is actually attracted to you.  You’re a creep if you’re not her type, and if she like you, you can say just about anything and she’ll be receptive.

  3. just get to the point when you like the way someone looks, it actually comes down to a few questions after you have seen them in person.
    1. Smoker or nonsmoker
    2. Liberal or Conservative
    3. What music do they listen to
    4. Drinker or nondrinker
    pretty easy so don’t waste your time

  4. I’m seeing a lot of guys in the comments upset because they’re insecure when dealing with attractive women. Here’s the thing: The job of wooing is up to the man, not the woman. If you men expect everything to just happen on it’s own because you’re too shy/insecure to put in the effort to impressing women yourself, then you’re gonna have a bad time.

    Since the beginning of our species, the male has had to be the ones to put in effort to woo the female. It’s this way in most animal species. If you don’t like that, well then you’re gonna have a bad time.

    If you’re insecure, then good luck finding a woman you deem to be very attractive. It seems cliche, but if you’re thinking about it too much, you’re doing it wrong. I don’t know if any females ever admit to this but with most instances I’ve had with women, the less effort/interest I show, the more effort/interest they end up putting in. That’s not to say you can put in zero effort. You still have to be the main initiator and make sure you’re the one maintaining her interest. The only times you can put in zero effort is when you’re wealthy or in the upper elite echelon of attractive males (height helps even more than having a good looking face).

    Of course every woman is different, but in my personal experience and most of the ones I’ve witnessed, this tends to be the case.

  5. This video is a perfect illustration of why most guys go for a 7 or an 8 as opposed to a “beautiful 10″…shallow, mixed signals, prefers insults to compliments…just plain annoying

  6. I am a guy who is very shy to chat to a women of any age ,but at the same time i slim,and even though i do train nothing much happens. But once you get to know me i am friendly & out going and do make girls laugh in a good,decent and funny manner.

    Any good tips on approaching and chatting to a girl you like,or even ask someone at work that u might like.

  7. We have to point to sth here. Beautiful girls are not attracted to ugly, poor guys. If u r ugly and poor no matter how much confidence you have, u will never get a girl that u want or even close. Looks don’t matter is just a scam. If a guy owns a Rolls Royce and wears a tom ford suit, he will get any girl he wants no matter how confident he is. Girls don’t wanna be with an ugly guy. Girls don’t wanna be with a financially unstable guy, so plz stop kid yourselves. If u wanna get girls, put more money in ur bank account and hit the gym and do some plastic surgeries and u will get girls. Anything other than this is just a lie girls say so they don’t feel ashamed of themselves.

  8. I’m from London in UK.  Also I’m heavily tattooed lots of tribal on arms,neck chest and back. Would this bother a beautiful woman???

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  10. what is value? i ask cause i don’t get it. i don’t like to show off my money and nice shit. I see guys that are literally broke dress up like they have it but are really just faking status. typically rich guys like myself don’t like to “rub it in” we usually downplay our careers, lives and all that. this value concept seems very vague and superficial, I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the concept.

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  12. More games. If I compliment you, that’s what it is. A compliment. I agree is shouldn’t sound like 100 previous compliments but if it’s clever and timely then that’s half the battle. It only takes a couple seconds to size up a man with her eyes to know if she’s even gonna listen to what comes out so appearance is key. Either way you have to be kind.

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