How to Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile ღ that GETS YOU DATES

Valuable insight into creating an Online Dating Profile ❤ to get a lot of dates with the Men & Women you actually want to go out with!
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I get a ton of emails from you all asking for tips on how you can be successful with online dating & today I am tackling this topic to help you get more dates & meet that special someone!

Hey Internetz Friends! Welcome to Bright Girls Guide- where every other week I teach you Lifestyle Tips & Tricks to help you become strong, independent young women (or men;)).

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  2. Hailey is taking a dog for a walk good for first dates? would women accept that? I just don’t want to put fourth allot of effort until I feel comfortable around someone. I figured walking my dog is harmless and doesn’t involve too much at first.

  3. Hailey I love the video! Question though! How on Earth do you film the screen like that to do walkthroughs!? I have a Mac too and I have been DYING to know! Please let me know. You’re awesome! =D

  4. loved it as i was watching it the prefect first date was forming in my head and that would be ordering pizza and sitting by the fire watching a movie and just talking 

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